Blood Glucose Monitoring System with Wireless Technology

This device is very useful in medical world to provide excellent diagnosis result on blood glucose level. Blood glucose level monitoring is important for people with diabetes for better clinical outcomes and direct prevention. Manufactured by Echo, Symphony tCGM System allows effective and efficient blood glucose monitoring with excellent accurate result. This blood glucose monitoring system is designed to provide accurate, real time blood glucose data conveniently, continuously, and cost effectively. This device offers modern blood glucose monitoring which replaces the use of needle and requires no insertion of a glucose sensor into the patient’s skin. Symphony is truly dedicated to bring comfortable blood glucose monitoring process with its innovative non-invasive tCGM system. Symphony glucose monitoring system incorporates Prelude a skin permeation device, a transdermal sensor with wireless transceiver to provide patient’s glucose level every minute to a remote monitor in a visual display. This technology offers effective and simple blood glucose monitoring with optimal efficiency and comfortable for all patient condition. In short Symphony blood glucose monitoring system is ideal for everyone to control the blood glucose level in very comfortable and effective way through its modern technologies. Designed by Echo

Symphony tCGM Blood Glucose Monitoring System Photos Gallery:

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