Cardiac and Vascular System with Two Flat Panel Detectors: Toshiba Infinix-i

In medical field, modern technologies gadget is very important moreover those who are able to provide ultimate functionality and beneficial features. There are so many modern gadget in the market but nothing is more functional that this one. Infinix-I cardiac and vascular system is truly designed to brings superior performance for medical application with double function detection system. This innovative device is designed by Toshiba through lab research done by expert scientists to bring exceptional health detection system. This device features 8” x 8” floor mounted flat panel detector for cardiac application and 12”16” ceiling mounted flat panel detector for peripheral applications. Infinix-i cardiac and vascular system is specially designed to fit in a conventional sized cardiovascular suite to provide optimal compatibility on medical use. Infinix-I allows fast transition between cardiac and anglo exams to maximize rooms utilization and provide ultimate functionality on medical detection system. Designed by Toshiba

Toshiba Infinix-i Cardiac and Vascular System Photos Gallery:

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