Durable Performance Tripod with Bubble Spirit Level

This is 458B Neotec durable performance tripod which is manufactured by Manfrotto using high technology manufacturing process to create excellent reliability. This device is made of high quality aluminum alloy material to allow 8kg load capacity with excellent stability on photography activity. This durable performance tripod has minimum height of 10cm and 165.1cm maximum height which can be easily adjusted based on user’s requirement. 458B Neotec durable performance tripod is integrated with bubble spirit level to provide excellent picture result with simple adjustability. This feature is very important to bring comfortable photography activity and allows optimal stability for sharp picture result. It is not only durable but also lightweight for only 2.4kg thus it is very ideal for high mobility photography activity. It comes in glossy black exterior design to add elegant touch during photography activity. In short this device combines excellent functionality and durability for heavy duty photography performance. Designed by Manfrotto

Manfrotto 458B Neotec Photos Gallery:

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