Durable Underwater Camera Casing with High Quality ABS-Glass Material

Photography activity is very exciting to do because we can capture some interesting objects using our camera and make it last forever. On traveling camera is very important and very useful to do some fun activity to capture object we find on this activity. Is there any possibility for us to capture underwater objects? The answer is yes. Here is additional accessory for Sony digital pocket camera that lets us to create nice picture during snorkeling or diving activity. MPK-PHA is a durable underwater camera casing which is designed for people who are going to do underwater photography activity with optimal reliability for up to 40m deep or around 133feet water deep. This durable underwater camera casing is well constructed from high quality ABS plastic and glass which is very ideal for heavy duty underwater photography. It is also completed with neck-strap, grease and anti-fogging lens solution or optimal reliability during the application. MPK-PHA durable underwater camera casing features main control panels such as power switch, mode button, and etc to create simple operation. This device comes in 150 x 82 x 82mm dimensions and lightweight suitable to any digital camera produced by Sony. Designed by Sony

Sony MPK-PHA Underwater Camera Casing Photos Gallery:

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