Fancy Iconic Watch with Crystal Sapphire Feature: Space Invaders Series

Some people say that video game is very influencing and plays important role in their life. It is reasonable to say that, because human need entertainment that replace tiresome and boredom after doing whole time working in the office. Based on this fact, Romain Jerome a Swiss watch manufacturer releases a product that will satisfy people needs of fancy iconic watch which is not only interesting but also stylish. Space Invaders series, as you can see from its name is a watch that designed based on Space Invaders video game with interesting iconic characters of this game. This iconic watch comes in colorful iconic characters on its dial-hand pixilated strokes in 3D format which is admirable and there is also different type of this fancy iconic watch which features a phosphoric iconic character for nighttime use. Each one is fitted with a stainless steel case and integrated with crystal sapphire feature to add exclusive touch on its design. This fancy iconic watch has been designed using individually machined and hand applied manufacturing process to ensure the precision and excellent quality of this product. Designed by Romain Jerome

Romain Jerome Space Invaders Series Photos Gallery:

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