Go-Ped Gas Motor Scooter GTR46R Trail Ripper

Go-Ped gas-motor scooter GTR46R Trail-Ripperoff-road terrain Go-Ped gas motor-scootersuspension adjustor Go-Ped gas motor scooter

Enjoy off-road terrain with this Go-Ped gas motor scooter GTR46R Trail Ripper. The lightweight framing, engine, and folding handlebar system contribute to making the Go-Ped gas motor scooter GTR46R Trail Ripper a very light weight device. Extreme Heavy Duty, Aircraft quality 4130 Chromyl frame and fork. Revolutionary C.I.D.L.I. suspension system with front and rear swing arms for incredible flexibility on off-road terrain. 8 inches of ground clearance. To accommodate various rider skills, weights, and preferences, the suspension can be tuned from “plush” to “firm” with its adjustors. The Go-Ped gas motor scooter GTR46R Trail Ripper ‘s 6:98 sprocket ratio is optimized to deliver incredible low end torque to maximize off road performance.

Price: $1,129.95

Available at HERE

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