High Performance Headset with 5.1 Surround Audio Technology

This device is truly dedicated to provide optimal satisfaction during gaming experience which is demanded by gamers. For some people video game is considered as the best way to replace boredom and stress thus they try to upgrade their computer system with optimal gaming specifications. In order to complete the optimal computer audio performance Ozone releases this device. Strato high performance headset is truly dedicated to bring excellent satisfaction on gaming experience and supported with latest technology. This device is equipped with audio 5.1 surround technology for ultimate audio performance. It is also added with four mini speakers on its ear cups to create real surround effect during the application. It is very powerful yet simple, the users can operate this device easily without any complicated process, since it has special button with volume tuner and subwoofer setting to meet different requirements. Not only that, this high performance headset is also fitted with adjustable microphone technology which can be very useful during gaming experience or video conference activity. So put this device on your next-to-buy list to bring better computer system in your house. Designed by Ozone

Ozone Strato High Performance Headset Photos Gallery:

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