High-Speed USB HUB with 5 GB per Second Data Transfer Speed from Buffalo

This is product is highly recommended for office application which requires high speed data transferring process to provide time efficiency. This high-speed USB HUB is designed with modern technology to provide excellent performance for data transferring process for one or more devices at the same time. Buffalo has been developing this device with latest technology and designed with 4 USB ports to bring superior capability data transferring or file sharing to many devices. This high-speed USB HUB is integrated with 3.0 USB technology to create fast data transferring for up to 5 GB per second. The conventional 2.0 USB is only able to perform 480Mb data transferring process which is less efficient than this one. Buffalo high-speed USB HUB comes in two optional color black and white with slim bar design which is easy-to-carry. This USB HUB has compact size so it is very easy to keep this product and it will not take many spaces on your desktop which is very simple. This device can be easily attached to computer or laptop without complicated driver installation process just plug and ready to use. Designed by Buffalo

Buffalo High-Speed USB HUB Photos Gallery:


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