Innovative Brain Imaging Device with Wide Range Capabilities: inSPira HD SPECT

This is InSPira HD SPECT a battery powered, high resolution portable SPECT designed primarily for brain imaging. This innovative brain imaging device is truly designed by Neurologica to meet modern medication system which requires optimal accuracy and precision with efficient application. inSPira HD SPECT has been developed by Neurologica through years research done by smart scientists to bring ultimate brain monitoring performance. This innovative brain imaging device allows wide range of capabilities with high quality SPECT images for ICU, OR, and emergency department application. InSPira HD innovative brain imaging device provides compatibility to currently available radio isotope energies for clinical applications such as epilepsy, Parkinson, stroke even for Alzheimer. This innovative brain imaging device offers optimal effectiveness on medical application with simple application process. Since it is powered by battery power source, this device allows superior energy efficiency and minimal maintenance process. It is also creates exceptional performance and accuracy imaging result through its high resolution image display for better healthcare system. Designed by Neurologica

Inspira HD Brain Imaging Device Photos Gallery:

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