Litkovskaya Spring-Summer 2013 Collection

polkadot Litkovskaya Spring/Summer 2013 ad-campaign

Litkovskaya bring a new fresh vibrant in Litkovskaya spring-summer 2013 collection. A marvelously minimalist style combined and inspired by a mysterious rose-bud from Orson Welles “Citizen Kane” bring architectural strictness of silhouettes. For the ad campaign, Ukrainian top model Mariya Markina the face of Litkovskaya Spring-Summer 2013 fashion collection. The ad campaign photography bring the feel of emotional attachment and physical obsession with the very object of desire missing that become main symbol of Orson Welles “Citizen Kane” .Photographer of ad campaign by: Cate Underwood.

rosebud symbolize Litkovskaya Spring/Summer 2013 Collection
women collections Litkovskaya Spring/Summer 2013
detailing rosebud Litkovskaya Spring/Summer 2013 Collection
marvelously minimalist style Litkovskaya spring/summer 2013
architectural strictness-of-silhouettes Litkovskaya Spring/Summer 2013

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