Newest Wireless Braking System Developed by Saarland University Researchers

Wireless system that used on bicycle is not something new as people have known that wireless gear-shifting has been developed and used for years. The newest wireless system on bicycle is developed by Saarland University researchers, Germany. This wireless system is used to develop the braking system on a bicycle. As you can see from the picture bellow the newest wireless braking system is attached on the bicycle without using any cables. It is still a prototype of newest wireless braking system, but from the test that made by researchers this newest wireless braking system works 99.999999999997% reliable. How does the wireless braking system work? This newest wireless braking system works like a traditional braking system. The rider needs to pull the handlebar grip out like in common brake. A sensor reads the pressure given by the rider which will be sent to the bellow braking system. Later on this signal will activate the disc brake. The newest wireless braking system is able to stop the bicycle in 250 milliseconds and this result satisfied the researchers that led by Professor Holger Hermanns.

Via Gizmag

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