Nitro RC Monster Truck in 1/8 Scale Earthquake 3.5 CC

nitro RC monster truck 3.5cc engine earthquake 3.5nitro RC monster truck 4WD-drive system earthquake 3.5nitro RC monster truck aluminum chassis earthquake 3.52.4GHz Radio System nitro RC monster truck earthquake 3.5

With 3.5 cc engine, this nitro RC monster truck is ready to run. Beside formed in 1/8 scale, The nitro RC monster truck big block engine has 2 speed automatic transmission, so it will fast acceleration and great power. This Earthquake 3.5 nitro RC monster truck has 2.4GHz radio for easy handle. Drive system 4 Wheel Drive, and of course 3.0mm 6061 aluminum chassis.

Price: $299.99

Available at HERE

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