Portable Blood Test Device with Micro Electro Mechanical Sensor Technology

Portability and simplicity are very significant in today’s gadget design. In medical field these requirements are also important to provide instant healthcare with simple application. This one is the example of portable design medical gadget which is equipped with latest technology to provide accuracy and reliable information on blood level. This portable blood test device is manufactured by Microvisk with comfortable fit shapes to allow high mobility application at anywhere and at anytime. It is also integrated with large illumination display to provide optimal clarity blood test result instantly. This portable blood test device uses anti-coagulant treatment with Micro Electro Mechanical Sensors on a disposable strip which incorporates a small cantilever to measure viscosity. It removes the need for laboratory test which is complicated and uses patient’s whole blood taken by a finger prick which is more efficient and simple. Microvisk portable blood test device is highly recommended for instant blood test result with optimal accuracy result. It is capable to test a small volume of whole blood making the test less intrusive and brings satisfaction to the patients. Designed by Microvisk

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