Portable Li-Ion Battery with 2700mAh Capacity

Sanyo Eneloop Booster mobile is a portable Li-Ion battery with excellent performance for those who can’t live without gadget. This portable Li-Ion battery is manufactured by Sanyo using high technology manufacturing process to provide reliability and durability for high mobility application. Designed in compact size, Sanyo Eneloop Booster is easy-to-carry and can be applied at anywhere and anytime with very simple operation. It has 2700 mAh capacity and very ideal as substitution battery for gadget, cell phones, even it is suitable for tablet PC, Nintendo DS or other gadget. This portable Li-Ion battery is ideal for travelling activity or vacation and let the users to enjoy any entertainment system through their gadget using this battery power source. Sanyo Eneloop Booster Mobile comes in sleek exterior appearance which makes it eye-catchy and shines modern touch for everyone who uses it. Designed by Sanyo

Sanyo Eneloop Mobile Booster Photos Gallery:

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