Super Attractive Notebook Design with Lamborghini Inspiration

In gadget market, design plays important role more over if it is supported with excellent specification to provide superior performance with wide range capability. Notebook market has very tight competition, thus many famous brands try to produce attractive design notebook with exceptional performance to meet customer’s demands. Asus releases high performance notebook with excellent performance for multimedia, business, or entertainment use with super attractive design. Asus in collaboration with Lamborghini releases VX 7 a super attractive notebook design which reflects sporty looks which is inspired by Lamborghini super car. This laptop has Lamborghini tail light and muffler tips added with cooling vent to bring exceptional computing experience for heavy duty application. It is not only about the design, this super attractive notebook design is integrated with sophisticated technology such as SandyBridge Intel Core i7 the second generation for smooth computing activity. For multimedia and entertainment system, Asus VX 7 super attractive notebook design has NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460M which has 3GB memory for superior graphic display performance. This notebook is very ideal for heavy duty computing activity since it is also supported with solid-state hybrid internal hard disk drive with 1TeraByte capacity. In short, this device is suitable for those who are looking for exceptional performance computer system with optimal durability for it is well constructed from lightweight aluminum construction. Designed by Asus

ASUS Lamborghini VX7 Photos Gallery:

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