Wireless Digital Radiography for Wide Range Diagnostic Exams Application

This is CXDI-80C wireless digital radiography which is designed by Canon to provide superior diagnostic system with very simple application. This device is designed for modern medical application and equipped with latest technology that makes medical diagnosis process becomes more efficient and effective. Canon new CXDI-80C wireless digital radiography uses portable battery power source which brings easy maintenance and optimal energy efficiency in lightweight-compact dimension. This device is equipped with flat panel detector and new CXDI control software to provide immediate result for only 3 seconds and wide range compatibility to network options available. In order to meet the need of modern diagnostic system, this wireless digital radiography is able to display 6.1 megapixels resolution and 125 micron pixel pitch. Since it is wireless thus the users are free to do wide range diagnostic exam application using this device especially it is also integrated with high sensitivity cesium iodide scintillator to allow convenient diagnostic process. Designed by Canon

Canon CXDI-80C Wireless Digital Radiography Photos Gallery:

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